Our Story

A few years ago, I saw a shocking statistic …

“In the US, over 41% of first-time marriages end in divorce.”

That number is nearly twice what it was in 1960. Second marriages stats are even worse, at 63% … and third marriages? 71%.

What’s going on here?

The core values that this country was founded upon – honor, respect, and devotion, are no longer the law, but they’re actually the exception.

Morals are decaying.

And when a generation grows up with fewer strong, ethical men as role models, they grow up to be less of a man than their fathers. The problem gets worse and worse.

So the question that I had to ask myself was,

“Soooo.. how can we change this??”

Around the same time, I’d been going to the gym each morning and leaving my wedding band at home.

Not that I wanted to. I just didn’t want to risk losing a finger.

When you’re tossing around dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells, you don’t want the flesh of your finger to go with it.

WARNING: Whatever you do, do NOT Google “finger degloving”.

It’s gruesome. And actually fairly common.

The cost of replacing your ring is expensive. The cost of replacing your finger? Pricele—actually… you really can’t replace your finger. So it really is priceless. Hmmph.

I spoke with some friends who had similar experiences. When they did anything active, from working out, to construction, to electrical work, most of them would leave their rings at home.

If you didn’t, they’d be playing with fire … like my friend who had just lost his in the ocean while surfing.

Or like Jimmy Fallon, who nearly lost his finger.

I looked around and was amazed at how hard it was to find a great active wedding band that looked great and didn’t wear out within a month.

I tried countless rubber rings I found online. They all sucked. They were cheap & flimsy and would tear right away.

And all the while, those alarming divorce statistics were still plaguing me.

I decided to do something about it and attack both problems at once.

And Bondwell was born.

With your help, we can save thousands of marriages worldwide. But, we need your help.


– Matt Proper, Co-Founder