Gravity Ring for Men – Light Gray


The Bondwell Gravity Ring is a responsive, lightweight alternative to your normal wedding band. It’s ideal for active men and guys who work with their hands.

Normal wedding bands to the safety of your fingers. The Gravity ring’s long-lasting, medical grade silicone keep your finger safe & comfortable under any condition.

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One Tough, Active Wedding Band

Built From Premium Medical-Grade Silicone

One Bold, Life-Changing Mission

To Build Stronger, Lasting Marriages Worldwide

Engineering the toughest, safest, and best looking active wedding band in the world requires a borderline insane attention to detail. From the precise dimensions to the premium hypo-allergenic medical grade silicone, we left no room for compromise.

We know you are committed to your wife. That’s why we’ve built the safest, most durable active ring that’s as strong as your bond.

Work Safe

Metal wedding rings are prone to strip your finger to the bone when caught. The Gravity Ring will flex or break at a specifically engineered tension that would normally deglove your finger.


Workout In Style

With its sophisticated, patent-pending design, The Bondwell Gravity™ Ring looks as good as it feels. The simple, no-nonsense beveled edge provides unmatched performance, functionality, & style.

Oh, and did we mention your wife will LOVE that you’re representing your marriage even when it used to be inconvenient or dangerous? Trust us, she will.

If that isn’t motivation, what is?!

Proudly show off your commitment to your wife wherever you are and whatever you’re doing with The Bondwell Gravity™ Ring.

Designed in California

The Mecca of Active Lifestyles

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